We are remembering Sarita and celebrating her life and the life of her infant daughter Claire by establishing The Sarita and Claire Wright Lucas Foundation. The foundation’s mission is to support young women of color like Sarita who are interested in careers in the justice system as Prosecutors.

Law school debt is well documented. What’s not so well known is the need for additional funds to prepare for the Bar exam. Unlike law school graduates who pursue careers in a corporate practice, those who choose to work for public agencies are on their own financially to prepare for the rigorous Bar exam. The cost of the prep course –about $5,000 – causes many graduates to take out personal loans to cover costs such as rent and food, since preparing for the exam is tantamount to an unpaid, full-time job. These costs are enough to steer many away from prosecutorial work.

To this end, the foundation will provide full financial assistance for Bar Exam Prep courses, MBE Review & PMBR and registration fees.

Please join us in this effort to support those young women of color who have a passion for justice, and like Sarita, are committed to “doing the right thing”.