Since 2015, we have supported, celebrated, and financially powered women like Sarita Wright Lucas. They are aspiring Black women prosecutors, entry-level DAs, advocates for victims, and fighters for justice.

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Nicole Esuola

Directly support scholarship awardees and fellows.

We have awarded 24 scholarships and four fellowships to incredible Black women passionate about the role of the prosecutor and inspired to be #MoreLikeSarita.

SCWLF awardees have gone on to shine brightly as Black women prosecutors dedicated to the communities they serve. Access to capital and connections should not impede women like Sarita.

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Power historically underfunded research.

In 2023, the Sarita & Claire Wright Lucas Foundation was awarded the Catalyst Grant by the Urban Institute and the Microsoft Justice Reform Initiative.

The Catalyst Grant enabled us to begin to explore and identify the causes and solutions for major racial and gender inequity in the criminal justice system.

What will we uncover next?

Connecting black women prosecutors nationwide.

Making up less than 2% of prosecutors nationwide, the role of a Black woman prosecutor can be heavy.

In a groundbreaking partnership with the National Black Prosecutors Association, we are launching The Black Women Prosecutors Project, an initiative with community, mentorship, and development at its core.

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