Our Fellowship Program

SCWLF Summer 2024 Paid Internship Opportunities

Fellowship Deadline: Applications Must Be Submitted Online by February 29th, 2024.

Paid Fellowship Program Overview

The Sarita and Claire Wright Lucas Foundation (SCWLF) seeks to support young women of color like Sarita Wright Lucas who are committed to serving the public and pursuing careers as prosecutors. Prosecutors shape how the criminal legal system works and wield the life-changing power to reduce incarceration, promote accountability, and decrease recidivism. Women and minorities are currently underrepresented as Prosecutors. The goal of the SCWLF is to diversify the justice system and encourage more women of color to take on this visible and important role. The mission of the SCWLF is to support and encourage young African American women as they pursue careers in justice with the goal of helping to ensure a fair and more equitable justice system.

In summer 2021, The Sarita and Claire Wright Lucas Foundation launched a Summer Fellowship Program to provide African American female law students with a paid summer internship opportunity in the Massachusetts Suffolk and Middlesex District Attorney’s offices. The program accepts applications from students at ABA-accredited Massachusetts law schools who are interested in exploring public interest careers as Prosecutors.

Applicants must have completed their 2L year by the summer in which they will participate in the program. Fellowships offer an opportunity for substantive work in the Suffolk and Middlesex courts, including supervision, skills development, and gaining work experience. Fellows attend professional development programming created by the Suffolk and Middlesex District Attorney’s offices and receive mentorship throughout their summer experience.

Each Fellow receives a $7,000 stipend for the 10-week summer program. This Program aims to ensure that young female African American law students from all backgrounds are able to gain meaningful experience in public interest law. 


The SCWLF Fellows will receive mentorship in the District Attorney Offices where they intern for the summer. Mentors will support the law students during their internships, check in with them on a regular basis as they assist as interns in the courts, answer questions, address concerns and provide career guidance.

Have any questions?

Reach out to Lainey Roberto: lainey@saritaandclairefoundation.org

Invisible (DO NOT EDIT)
Eligibility and Scholarship Criteria

✔ U.S. Citizen
✔ African-American  Female
✔ Record of academic achievement
✔ Demonstrated commitment to public service


Fellowship Application Checklist

Your application must contain all items listed
✔ Complete Online Application Form
✔ Two (2) recommendation letters in signed and sealed envelopes
✔ One (1) essay (see below)
✔ Official transcript from current law school
Copy of your Student Aid Report (FAFSA)
✔ Résumé
✔ Photograph (to be used if selected as Scholarship winner)
✔ Complete and Upload Assignment of Rights, Consent to Publish Acknowledgment

How to Apply

ONLINE applications are now accepted. Please note:

If you are unable to complete the application or upload your supporting documents, please notify us at: info@saritaandclairefoundation.org. 

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