“More Than 1%” Initiative Surveys

Please participate in our ground-breaking research by filling out our surveys! If you are a lawyer, please note that we have two surveys, based on previous experience. If you have ever worked in a prosecutorial role, even if you are not currently, and even if you have only worked in a DA’s office as an intern, please fill out the survey entitled, “Survey for past and current prosecutors, legal interns included.” If you have never worked as a prosecutor in any regards, please use the other lawyer survey: “Survey for lawyers who have never worked as a prosecutor.”

We acknowledge past language may not have been as clear as we would have liked. We hope to capture as many viewpoints as possible, and your input is crucial to that goal! For this reason, if in the past, you filled out the survey that does not pertain to you (ie, you have worked previously as a prosecutor, but did not fill out the corresponding survey), we would greatly appreciate it if you could take 10 minutes and fill out the appropriate survey! 

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